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I like to work on long-term projects with my photography. There's not much point for me in visiting a place, taking a handful of pictures and then moving on. Most of my best work comes from working on the same subject - often over many years - and returning to it again and again.

On this page I present a collection of completed or ongoing photographic projects with a common denominator.




Tiny in size, but with a major cultural and ecological importance in Greenland. The capelin is both a keystone fish species in the marine ecosystem and a keystone food for Indigenous peoples in Greenland.

The AMMASSAK project is a partnership between the university of Greenland, Copenhagen University and visual communicator Carsten Egevang. The main aim of the project is to use the capelin to raise awareness of the importance of Greenland's Indigenous place-based diets, including their nutritional, ecological and cultural significance.  


ARCTIC WINGS is a series of bird photos from Greenland by Carsten Egevang.

Birds are ubiquitous in Greenland, where they appear as microscopic elements in the amazing landscapes. The birds help define the changing of the seasons, with a brief and frantic breeding season in summer months, followed by a long period spent outside Greenland’s borders. The birds herald the spring while the land is still covered in snow and summer seems far off; they create the soundtrack to mountain treks and boat trips on the water.




Qimmeq is an interdisciplinary project combining cutting-edge research with visual communication of high standards. The project aims to show the importance of the Greenland sled dog – both in present-day Greenland and in the past. Carsten Egevang is participant in the project as photographer with special focus on documenting the use of the sled dog in today’s Greenland.  


in the North Atlantic

SEABIRD HARVEST - a project about seabirds and subsistence harvesting in Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. The project combines expert knowledge on seabird ecology with the photography of Carsten Egevang.


LIFE AT THE EDGE is both a published book and a photo exhibition.. Through Carsten Egevang’s evocative, high-quality black-and-white photographs we get a rare glimpse of the daily existence and living conditions for the inhabitants of one of Greenland’s most isolated towns, where a traditional lifestyle centred on hunting still dominates.   



Ice Cold Harvest is the title of a new series of photos of Greenland photographer Carsten Egevang. Through evocative black and white photos traditional hunting and fishing in the surroundings of Ilulissat in western Greenland is presented.  



COLONY is a portfolio by Greenland photographer Carsten Egevang from the Thule area. The image series shows colonial-nesting seabirds in the harsh environment, which occurs in this northern part of Greenland.   


fAAr 2450

fAAr 2450 is a new series of photos from Carsten Egevang with sheep in focus. The photo project consists of 35 black and white photos that in different or surprising ways portrays some of the most urban sheep in Denmark. 


ERIK - and the herons

Erik Andersen – aka The Heron Man – has developed a special relationship with a group of wild birds in Frederiksberg Have, Denmark. This B/W photo project is the result of visits in the Copenhagen park over a two-year period.


A portfolio shot in a single day during “The Burnout”.


Extreme runs or obstacle runs – competitions where you complete a track with changeling obstacles – are becoming more and more popular in Denmark. Extreme runs are not only practiced by elite athletics but has a broad appeal to the average exerciser.


The NORDIC RACE – The Burnout is an 8 km run with a total of 80 obstacles held at a motor cross track near Copenhagen.


Images from the 25 year anniversary Chin-Gu Full Contact galla. 

I was the official photographer of the kickboxing event in Copenhagen where there was several title fight on the fight card. In this kind of work, it is very much a matter of getting the moment right and freeze a punch or kick in time. This portfolio, however, show another type of images from the ring corner …


A portfolio featuring images from a thai box turnament.

Every weekend in the tourist season, Thai-boxing fights takes place on the island Koh Lanta in western Thailand.

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