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Just before my latest trip to Scoresbysund (East Greenland) in March/April 2017 I bought a Leica Q (typ. 116). The Leica Q is normally categorized as a “compact camera” – and I feel like adding: “Yes – a compact camera on steroids”. I proud to exhibit 10 images from my Scoresbysund trip shot with "The Q" at The Leica Store, Frederiksberg Allé 47, Copenhagen, Denmark (ends at 16 August 2017).

See the 10 displayed images here!


The photo exhibition ”CLIMATE CHANGE IS NOW!” is the decoration of the fence surrounding the METRO building site at Trianglen, Østerbro in Copenhagen. The exhibit will run from June 1 and thought 2017.

The exhibition ”CLIMATE CHANGE IS NOW!” shows through expressive black and white large-size photos how climate changes affects traditional Greenlandic lifestyle. In Greenland, climate change is real and every year locals experience fundamental changes in the surrounding environment. The project is first and foremost a visual pr...


Three Arctic photographers - 120 B/W images - one exhibition

From mid-January to early April 2017 the photo exhibition ARTICO – ultima frontier will be displayed in the fantastic gallery TRE OCI in Venice, Italiy.

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The defence of one of the last natural environments still not exploited by mankind; the imminent danger of global warming; awareness of the themes of environmental sustainability and climate change;...


Last week in Sisimiut, West Greenland a three-day seminar officially started up the research and communication project QIMMEQ.

I'm participating in the project as photographer and is planning photo expeditions to both East- and West Greenland in 2017 and 2018 to document the present-day use of the Greenland sled dog. There are many out-puts of the project - one of them being a published book where I'm the editor.    

See more here or here!


I've just been featured in Arctic Deeply - an independent digital media project dedicated to covering Arctic issues.

"An epicenter for climate change, Greenland has caught the world’s attention. For decades, Danish photographer Carsten Egevang has photographed Greenlanders and their way of life as it is threatened by the changing climate.

FOR MORE THAN 20 years, Danish photographer Carsten Egevang has captured the natural beauty of Greenland and those living there through the lens of his camera. A biologist by training, Egevan...


The Arctic Arts Project is a collaborative of the most celebrated and talented environmental photographers of our day, with a unified mission to promote visual literacy and understanding of climate change to the world at large. Carsten Egevang has just been accepted as the seventh core member of the group.

“I see it is a huge honor to join the distinguished photographers of The Arctic Arts Project. I have been following the project for some time. I admire how the project is communicating and educating the world about the stat...


Travel to Greenland with Carsten Egevang and Audun Rikardsen – two award-winning Arctic photographers.

In September 2017, Swedish Zoom Fotoresor arranges a travel to West Greenland dedicated to photography. There’s no doubt that this is going to be a blast of a trip with a ton of photo opportunities in the with wildlife and landscape photography in the wildest and most pristine environment. The travel is designed so time in Greenland is optimized and most interesting locations in terms of photography can be visited. Furthermo...





Today, the coffee-table book THE ICE-FREE GREENLAND was published. The book is a result of cooperation with Professor Bo Elberling, University of Copenhagen. It is my first assignment where I was in charge of the layout.


The ice-free Greenland - from molecules to landscape is a tribute to Greenland. The book is a tale of the ice-free landscape with a focus on how the bio- and geosciences in recent years have provided new, fascinating and surprising knowledge. The interactions between the climate and the Greenlandic nature...



Each year the best magazine designs are found in Denmark by the MDID (Magasindesignere i Danmark). This years “Travel Feature of the Year” is “I Ittoqqortoormiit spiser man bjørne” (In Ittoqqortoormiit you eat bears) with text and images by Carsten Egevang, layout by Kathinka Bukh.

See the article here!


In the latest issue of Scandinavia's best photo magazine Nature and Photo I have an 8 - page article with photos from the picture COLONY . The article can be foundHERE!

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