Partition wall 16 x 3 meters at the Hotel Hans Egede in Nuuk.​

Restaurant Sarfarik, Nuuk 

Fasion store Torrak, Nuuk 

Hotel room, Hotel Hans Egede, Nuuk 

Hotel room, Hotel Hans Egede, Nuuk 

Decoration solutions  


In principle all my images are available for printing (see also the GREENLAND and GREENLAND B/W gallery). A selection of my images are only available as limited edition fine arts prints

Over the years I’ve gained considerable experience in delivery of prints for decoration. Often I collaborate with architects and interior designers for the best solution. I find that the optimal way is to see the rooms and walls intended for decoration in person. This is not always possible and often the use of photos or blue prints of the rooms may be used instead. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for a talk about the many possibilities!


Holistic solutions  

Apart from delivering printed images I also have experience in decorating large office sections with my photos. I deliver a more holistic solution which may combine both traditional prints, prints on acoustic panels and wallpaper with my photos printed on.


I can act as an active partner when it comes to suggesting which of my images will be suitable for print in a specific size or printed on a specific material.

Today it is possible to print photos on a variety of materials. A part from the more traditional solution of hanging a framed picture on the wall, images can be printed as wall paper or as a sheet to be attached on for example glass. It is also possible to improve the working environment of open offices or other places where many people are gathered. By printing images on acoustic plates a significant reverb reduction is achieved.

Office decoration, Nuuk.​

Office decoration, Nuuk.​

Hotel lobby, Nuuk.​

Office decoration, Nuuk.​

Office decoration, Nuuk.​


Metal Print

The image is printed directly onto a sheet of aluminum. This is the printing solution I mostly recommend clients and will give sharp and long-living prints! Metal prints are extremely durable and UV light resistant. They're lightweight and they won't bend, which make them suitable for shipping. Metal prints are water resistant and can be wiped over with a damp cloth.

Print on Glass

The photo is printed directly on the inside of a diamond-cut 4 mm thick glass plate, creating an extremely sharp image with extra deep and bright colors. The advantages of print on glass is the sharpness combined with a with a 3-D-like effect, and the beautiful color saturation. The disadvantages of printing on glass is that reflections may occur and the images is fragile at the freight.

Print on Canvas

The photo is printed on canvas, with a print technique that provides clear images. The canvas structure provides an organic look and ensures glare from various sources. Pros: Beautiful structure of the image - ideal for more artistic motives. Cons: Doesn’t appear super-sharp and crisp and the color reproduction may be less correct.

Print on Acoustic Panels

The photograph is printed directly on sound absorbing plates, which reduces significantly the reverb. The plates was originally developed as noise reduction for ceilings where the entire ceiling covered with plates. Please contact me to hear more about solutions with images on sound absorbing plates. Advantages: Reduces the reverb. Cons: High structure of the plates makes it less suitable for photos with great detail.

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