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Over the years I have gained experience with - and insight in – most aspects of Greenland. I offer several different services based in my experience as photographer and researcher specialized in Greenland.  


Decoration solutions with Greenland images 


I offer my photos as wall art for companies, hotels and institutions and the like, but individuals also have the opportunity to have a unique piece of Greenland to adorn the wall. Prints of my photos are produced in cooperation with one of the largest suppliers of wall art in Denmark, where I can vouch for the quality. The images are delivered to your door, ready to hang on the wall – framed and with hinges for hanging. 


I am experienced speaker (Danish and English) of both scientific and more popular topics. I always try to add a personal approach in my talks and always based on my own experiences in Greenland.

I have only received positive feedback on my talks. In addition to high-quality photos, the talks including small series of photos added music and video clips.

I have for many years lectured in Denmark and Greenland, and I've been as a lecturer in the Greenland Government "Introductory course for new employees"



Production assistant / expedition leader


I offer my services as a production assistant / fixer for film crews or photographers visiting Greenland. I have acted as assistant or fixer on several occasions for documentary productions and professional photographers. I can assist in every stage of a visit to Greenland – from planning and suggesting local contacts and locations to participating in the field. My field of expertise is the wildlife of Greenland (biological knowledge and wildlife locations) and the traditional living in Greenland – especially subsistence hunting.


I have furthermore been hired as expedition leader on cruises in Greenland, serving as the communication link between the crew of the ship and the participants of the expeditions, and advising in what wildlife locations to include in the itinerary. Also, I lead travels specially designed for wildlife photographers to Greenland.

Alle alle publishing


Alle alle publishing is a separate company under Carsten Egevang Photography, with special focus on Greenland and photography. Over the years I have gained experience in the various steps in book publishing, layout and graphical work. The main purpose of Alle alle publishing is to serve as an outlet for the various photo project I’m involved in. At present Alle alle publishing is not looking for external authors/photographers.

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