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Photo project


in the North Atlantic

The project unites expertise of seabird ecology with intermediary visual representation of worrying developments in the Atlantic seabird populations, as well as the unique Nordic lifestyle around seabird harvest.

The project aims to highlight and raise awareness of how changes in the marine environment have negative impacts on seabird populations - which is expressed through the traditional seabird harvest. Seabird populations in the North Atlantic have undergone significant declines due to changing climatic conditions and/or through a non-sustainable use, and the traditional and culturally important seabird harvest is today strongly threatened. The project wants to convey the unique Nordic way of life in the region's peripheral zones, the conflict between population declines and exploitation of sea birds and the important position seabird harvest still holds in the Nordic region. The project involves expertise from Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands, and run for three years, and its primary output is a book publication and communication through a designated website.

Participants are Carsten Egevang, Greenland Institute of Natural ResourcesBergur Olsen, Faroe Marine Research Institute and Aevar Petersen, formerly Icelandic Institute of Natural History. The project has received funding from Nordic Council of Ministers.

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