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by Carsten Egevang



- accompanied by award-winning photos

My field of expertise lie within the subjects biology, photography and the use of living resources in Greenland, and it is typically these issues I deal with in my lectures.

With my 25 + years of field experience in the Greenland I have built up extensive first-hand knowledge about the country and its wildlife, landscapes and humans. In all the talks I share my fascination of the Arctic and try to communicate why I find Greenland to be the most interesting - for good or for worse - place on Earth.

In my talks I communicate my experiences in Greenland from a personal point-of-view. With a background in science and insight in local culture, I try to present a nuanced picture of Greenland and the people and animals inhabiting the country. I’m especially fascinated by the many adaptations both animal and man need to apply to cope with the harsh Arctic environment.

I have presented talks on scientific issues, like biology and climate change at conferences around the world. I have participated in international photo festivals with talks about my photography and visit photo clubs and on a regular basis. In my talks I usually describe my own development going from a researcher to working fill-time with photography. I talk about how my approach to photography has changed over the years – going from a classic wildlife photography today, where I focus on traditional Greenlandic living and man-animal-relations.

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