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by Carsten Egevang

My books can be purchased through Danish and Greenlandic Internet bookstores, or a signed copy can be purchased by sending an email to: - specify the delivery address and if a signature in the book is wanted.



ENGLISH version

DANSK version

GREENLAND - land of contrasts


Embark on a colourful journey to Greenland as award-winning photographer and researcher, Carsten Egevang, presents the country's natural and cultural treasures in stunning photos and informative text. The book is a declaration of love and a visual tribute to a Greenland that few people have the privilege of experiencing.


The book is divided thematically into four main chapters:LANDSCAPE, TOWNS & SETTLEMENTS; WILDLIFE and CULTURE.

The book is available in a English and Danish version.

Number of pages: 252

Number of images: 190 color

Format: 26,5 x 29,5 cm

Binding: Hard cover 

Publisher:  Alle alle publishing

Print: Narayana press

Text: English or Danish

Year of publication: 2023

ISBN, English: 9788797178058

SBN, Danish: 9788797178041


PRICE: 65 Euro (plus shipping)


GREENLAND unseen ...


This book is about Greenland, and the astonishing adaptations of the wildlife of Greenland to the Arctic environment. This book is about the people of Greenland, and their ability to navigate a breath-taking and picturesque, but also harsh and wild, landscape. This book is about unique connections, and the strong dependency between humans, animals, and the surrounding environment in Greenland


GREENLAND unseen … is a visual tribute to Greenland stemming from Carsten Egevang's deep-rooted and enduring fascination with the country. The images and text in the book constitute a pragmatic documentation of living conditions for both animals and humans in a world of ice and snow. It is also a photographic portrait of traditional hunting culture as it unfolds in present day Greenland, and its deep cultural roots in a bygone age.


Number of pages: 360

Number of images: 204 B/W

Format: 25 x 32 cm

Binding: Hard cover 

Publisher:  Alle alle publishing

Print: Narayana press

Text: English 

Year of publication: 2021

ISBN: 9788797178034



PRICE: 90 Euro (plus shipping)


QIMMEQ - The greenland Sled Dog

"QIMMEQ - The Greenland Sled Dog" is a tribute in text and images to a unique dog breed and the people surrounding it.

With text contributions from 14 experts, the origin of the sled dog, its cultural significance, the contemporary use of the dog in Greenland and the dog's health, is described. Throughout the book, quotes from, and interviews with, Greenlandic mushers, emphasize their relationship with the sled dog. The book opens with preface by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark.

The book is richly illustrated by award-winning photographer Carsten Egevang's black and white photos. In an intriguing layout, the sled dog is portrayed, the special bond between musher and the dogs as well as the dog's functions in today's Greenland is documented - all with the magnificent Greenlandic scenery as background.

Number of pages: 224

Number of images: 149 B/W

Format: 29 x 24 cm

Binding: Hard cover - canvas bound

Publisher Alle alle publishing

Print: Narayana press

Text: English 

Year of publication: 2020

ISBN: 9788797178010



PRICE: 58 Euro (plus shipping)

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Greenland - Land of Animal and Man

Coffee table format - unique nature photography

GREENLAND - Land of Animal and Man presents photo of Greenland's wildlife and local people, as never before shown. Through photographer Carsten Egevang pictures are we close to birds and mammals in the depiction of the organisms' adaptations to the harsh Arctic environment. We are on the polar bear hunter's dog sled, we are behind the telescopic sight on seal hunting and in the dinghy for halibut as the quest Greenlandic food advocates. All with the fantastic Greenland scenes set as background.


From the Press:


"A praises of both Greenland magnificent scenery and its people”  (Jyllandsposten)


"A great piece of work with outstanding nature images and a personal style"  

(DBC materialevurdering)


"In the field, one of the world's best wildlife photographers"  (Weekendavisen)


"Arctic beauty in each page"  (Nordjyske Medier)

Number of pages: 264

Number of images: 181

Format: 30,5 x 29 cm

Binding: Hard cover

Publisher: milik publishing

Print: narayana press

Text: Danish and English 

Year of publication: 2011

ISBN: 9788791359996


(PRICE: 60 Euro) - SOLD OUT! 

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Black and white book from Scoresbysund in Northeast Greenland.  

The inhabitants of Scoresby truly lives LIFE ON THE EDGE. The settlement represents the edge of where to find human habitation in the sparsely populated eastern Greenland. Nearest inhabited area are 800 km to the south and north of Scoresby the world's largest national park is found. At the same time the inhabitants of the isolated Scoresby lives on the edge of livelihood. Supplies from the outside world to the city are extremely sparse, and traditional fishing shall form a larger role than most other places in Greenland.



From the Press:


"Harsh, poetic and slightly insane photographs" (Weekendavisen)


"Beauty that will take your breath away” (Jyllandsposten)


"This is a monumental puplication" (Arktiske anmeldelser)


"World class nature photography" (DBC materialevurdering)

Number of pages: 216

Number of images: 170

Format: 29 x 24 cm

Binding: Hard cover

Publisher:  milik publishing

Print: narayana press

Text: Danish, English and Greenlandic 

Year of publication: 2012

ISBN: 9788792790125



PRICE: (50 Euro) - SOLD OUT!

THULE på tidens rand

Mammoth book by professor in anthropology Kirsten Hastrup. 


A great and beautiful book where text and images provide a vivid portrait of Thule through eight chapters: The place. The people. Isen. The catch. Technology. The colony. Invasion. Time. The 500 page book is illustrated through the photography of Carsten Egevang.

Over eight years, the anthropologist Kirsten Hastrup regularly visited Thule to understand the world as it looks away. Meetings and conversations with the people who live there, has been supplemented by the reading of the long and rich history. The result is this portrait of Thule as a community with deep roots, which is currently facing severe challenges.



From the Press:


"An ambitious work at 496 pages and with excellent photos of Carsten Egevang” (Jyllandsposten)


"Carsten Egevang photographs is supporting and explaining the text"  (Politiken)


"The new opus, “Thule” goes back and directly into the debate on the future of Greenland" (Information)


"THULE is a vibrant, beautiful, wistful portrait of a society with deep roots , which is currently facing severe" (Lolland-falsters Folketidende)

Number of pages: 496

Number of images: 190

Format: 29 x 30,5 cm

Binding: Hard cover

Publisher: Lindhardt og Ringhof

Print: narayana press

Text: Danish 

Year of publication: 2015

ISBN: 8711359471



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