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Photo project


The people of Scoresbysund truly live their lives at the edge. The town comprises the outer limits of human habitation in the sparsely populated regions of north-eastern Greenland. The nearest inhabited area lies 800 kilometres to the south, and north of Scoresbysund is the world’s largest national park. The people of the isolated Scoresbysund also live perilously close to the edge of a subsistence minimum. Supplies from the rest of the world are scanty and hunt is more important here than elsewhere in Greenland. The people of Scoresbysund live at the edge in yet another, quite literal sense: the ice edge. At the mouth of the world’s largest fiord, Scoresby Sund, the ice edge is present six months per year. This transition zone between the solid ice and open waters is of enormous biological significance and constitutes the basis for the area’s wildlife.


LIFE AT THE EDGE was published as book in 2012 and the photo exhibition traveled in Denmark and Greenland between 2013 and 2016.

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