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Alle alle publishing



​"To create beautiful books with a strong visual expression, communicating the fascinating Arctic."


Alle alle publishing is a small publishing company under Carsten Egevang Photography, with special focus on the Arctic, Greenland and photography.

Alle alle publishing was funded in 2019, with an ambition to create beautiful books communicating the unique culture and nature of the Arctic, especially the fine connection between Man, Nature, Climate and Animals. The motivation of Alle alle publishing is to produce state-of-the-art books combining informative text with a cutting-edge visual expression.  


”Alle alle” is the Latin scientific name of the Little Auk – a true Greenland seabird - breeding by the millions in the High Arctic.

About Carsten Egevang:

Carsten is an international award-winning photographer specialized in Greenland. He has worked many years as a researcher (PhD) in Arctic Biology, but today his focus is mainly on photography, exhibitions and publication. Carsten is the author of the bestseller GREENLAND - land of Animal and Man (2011), LIFE AT THE EDGE (2012) and QIMMEQ - The Greenland Sled Dog (2020).


"I’m the author of my own books on Greenland, main contributor of images to other books and has worked as graphic designer on publications. Over the years I have gained experience in book publishing, layout and graphical work. I’m familiar with all the needed steps from initial idea of a book to the final publication – including fundraising, layout, preparation of printable PDFs and public relations."

Alle alle publishing

Carsten Egevang Photography

Ahornsgade 22, 2 TH, DK-2200 Copenhagen N, Denmark

CVR 32232078 - SE nr. 40243070


Phone: +45 20788099

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