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Photo project


"My intention with the pictures in COLONY is to show the rich birdlife found in northern part of Greenland - a world few people have the opportunity to experience. The images in the series are taken when I participated in the biological field work, where I usually spent longer periods of time at the same location. This means that I have had time and opportunity to experiment with my camera - with some different nature photos as a result." says Carsten Egevang.


The Thule area has the richest birdlife in Greenland, and where most of the country's other bird populations generally undergo a decline, the Thule populations seems to be stable. The Thule area is very sparsely populated and despite the fact that traditional hunting remains widespread the human impact on bird populations is minimal.


The main explanation for the rich birdlife is found elsewhere. Despite its northerly position far to the north, the Thule area is extremely biologically productive. In the early summer months, a true explosion of life takes place - starting as a bloom of small diatoms, which propagates up the food chain. This abundance of food forms the foundation of the rich bird populations in the Thule area, which in a short, intense period using the area during the breeding season.

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