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GRENLANDIA - Greenland in Poland

On 14 March a new exhibition on Greenland opens in Warsaw, Poland. The exhibition is entitled GRENLANDIA - the Polish name for Greenland – by Greenland photographer Carsten Egevang. Friday night at 19 is there a private view in the exhibition, where Carsten Egevang is present in Warsaw, and lectures on Greenland, and his work as a photographer.

"The level of knowledge about Greenland in Poland is generally very low," says Boguslawa Sochanska director of the Danish Cultural Institute in Warsaw. "Greenland is a strange and unknown to most Poles. Originally it was Carsten Egevang beautiful scenery pictures started as inspiration for the cultural project. Today we have put together a program that in addition to disseminate Greenland's stunning scenery, also shows a Greenland that combines ancient cultural traditions with modern technology, which face environmental challenges, "continues Boguslawa Sochanska.

"I see it as a bit of an honor to just my photos are allowed to be presented to a larger audience outside Greenland and Denmark's borders " says photographer Carsten Egevang. "I have over the past two decades because of my job as a biologist, traveled to some of the most remote areas of Greenland, and has spent long periods in the field. Through my pictures I want to share and pass on some of my fantastic experiences of nature. I hope that Poland's population gain a better insight into conditions in Greenland, its people and nature", says Carsten Egevang.

The exhibition is part of a larger cultural campaign organized by the Danish Cultural Institute and the Cultural Fort Sokolnickiego , and aims to promote knowledge about Greenland's culture and nature. In addition Carsten Egevang and his nature images is visited Warsaw also the author Kim Leine shown films about Greenland and organized art workshops for children and discussion sessions for young people. After visiting Warsaw must photographic exhibition on the tour in Poland , and guests blah . the cities of Szczecin and Katowice in 2014.


Bogusawa Sochanska, (; Email:, phone 00 48 226211120

Carsten Egevang (; Email:, phone +45 20788099

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