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"Shot bear" awarded in NNPC

In Scandinavia's largest photo competition Nordic Nature Photo Contest, one of Carsten Egevang photo has been awarded in the category "Threatened Nordic nature ".

Carsten has in recent years made ​​trips to various locations in Greenland to document how the traditional Greenlandic sustainable hunting is carried out in today's Greenland. The winning picture taken during a polar bear hunt in Scoresbysund, where a polar bear was shot in an area of ​​thin ice. The bear had been chased over a long stretch of thick sea ice, and had become overheated and exhausted. When the bear finally reached an area with ice too thin to carry the dogs and dog sled, which was on the heels of it, put it in the cold water near the ice edge. It was therefore not difficult for the hunter to shoot the bear, and then ship it to safe ice brought " ice edge dinghy".

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