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  GREENLAND - land of contrasts 

Large size - 252 pages - 190 color images



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A declaration of love in color

Embark on a colourful journey to Greenland as award-winning photographer and researcher, Carsten Egevang, presents the country's natural and cultural treasures in stunning photos and informative text. The book is a declaration of love and a visual tribute to a Greenland that few people have the privilege of experiencing. 

The book is divided thematically into four main chapters:


In the chapter LANDSCAPE, Greenland's spectacular scenery is presented, where ice in every imaginable form moulds and creates a natural beauty unparalleled in the world.


Ice shapes the landscape  |  The mighty Inland Ice  |  Turquoise lakes and streams  |  Glaciers are retreating  |  Nature's unique art  |  The dance of the Northern Lights  |  

A country without forests  |  Tales of geology  |  Kuuaanit



Take a tour of Greenland's TOWNS & SETTLEMENTS, starting in East Greenland, rounding the country's southernmost point, then heading north along the coast of West Greenland to end up in the world's northernmost settlement in the Thule area.


Ittoqqortoormiit  |  Tasiilaq  |  Tiilerilaaq  |  Kuummiut  |  Qaqortoq  |  Arsuk  |  Nuuk  |  Maniitsoq  |  Sisimiut  |  Kangerlussuaq  |  Aasiaat  |  Ilulissat  |  Qeqertarsuaq  |  Saqqaq  |  Uummannaq  |  Upernavik  |  Qaanaaq  |  Qeqertat  |  Siorapaluk



Carsten Egevang's background as a biologist is evident in the chapter on WILDLIFE, where Greenland's animal species are described, with a special focus on their adaptations to the Arctic climate.


The lone wanderer  |  The mythical narwhal  |  Canary of the sea  |  The tourist-friendly whale  |  The World Champion|  The slim giant  |  A huge seal with tusks  |  The important ringed seal  |  The singing seal  |  Seasonal visitors  |  The hardy ungulate  |  A deer with snowshoes  |  Master of survival  |  Lean but warm  | Master diver  |  Birds by the millions  |  Black, white and red  |  The two eider ducks  |  The meowing gull  |  A life in the sky  |  Mythical gulls  |  Two species of falcons  | The Flying Door  |  The four common ones  |  The clever raven



In the CULTURE chapter, the reader gets an insight into Greenland's unique culture, where dog sledding and kayaking are still important elements of a living cultural heritage.


The mummies of Qilakitsoq  |  The unique national costume  |  The dog sled  |  The Greenland Sled Dog  |  A life in the cold  |  The traditional use of the kayak  |  The kayak's comeback  |  Kayak tourism  |  The importance of hunting  |  Seal hunting  |  Uuttoq  |  Bird hunting  |  Greenland's main industry  |  The Greenland halibut  |  Fishing on sea ice  |  Arctic char fishing



GREENLAND - land of constasts

© Carsten Egevang / Alle alle publishing


1.edition, 1. impression, June 2023

Format: 26,5 x 29,5 x 3,8 cm

Pages: 252

Photos: 190 color images

Paper: 150g Arctic Volume White

Cover: Hardcover

Print: Narayana Press

Publisher: Alle alle publishing

Graphical design: Carsten Egevang

Text: Carsten Egevang

ISBN: 9788797178058

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Distribution for Book stores, Denmark/Greenland: Dafolo /

Distribution, abroad: Please contact Carsten Egevang (

For the Press: More information, access to press photos or review copy – please contact: Carsten Egevang (


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