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  GREENLAND unseen ... 

Large size - 360 pages -

more than 200 B/W images


90 Euro (plus shipping)

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A tribute in black and white

This book is about Greenland, and the astonishing adaptations of the wildlife of Greenland to the Arctic environment. This book is about the people of Greenland, and their ability to navigate a breath-taking and picturesque, but also harsh and wild, landscape. This book is about unique connections, and the strong dependency between humans, animals, and the surrounding environment in Greenland.



GREENLAND unseen … is a visual tribute to Greenland stemming from Carsten Egevang's deep-rooted and enduring fascination with the country. The images and text in the book constitute a pragmatic documentation of living conditions for both animals and humans in a world of ice and snow. It is also a photographic portrait of traditional hunting culture as it unfolds in present-day Greenland, and its deep cultural roots in a bygone age.


GREENLAND unseen …

© Carsten Egevang / Alle alle publishing


1.edition, 1. impression, November 2021

Format: 32 x 25 x 4,1 cm

Pages: 360

Photos: 204 B/W

Paper: 170g Arctic Volume White

Cover: Hardcover

Sheath: 500 g carton

Print: Narayana Press

Publisher: Alle alle publishing

Graphical design: Carsten Egevang

Text: 28,000 words in English - by Carsten Egevang

Preface: Kim Kielsen - Former Prime Minister of Greenland

ISBN: 9788797178034

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Distribution for Book stores, Denmark/Greenland: Dafolo /

Distribution, abroad: Please contact Carsten Egevang (

For the Press: More information, access to press photos or review copy – please contact: Carsten Egevang (


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