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29 x 24 cm - 224 pages - 149 B/W images by Carsten Egevang 

Text contributions from 14 authors - 3 versions: English, Danish and Greenlandic

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A tribune in photos and text

"QIMMEQ - The Greenland Sled Dog" is a tribute in text and images to a unique dog breed and the people surrounding it. The book combines results from scientific studies with traditional knowledge of the dog in an aesthetically beautiful expression. The book is richly illustrated by award-winning photographer Carsten Egevang's black and white photos. In an intriguing layout, the sled dog is portrayed, the special bond between musher and the dogs as well as the dog's functions in today's Greenland is documented - all with the magnificent Greenlandic scenery as background.



With text contributions from 14 experts, the book complies the present knowledge on the Greenland sled dog. The emphasis of the book is on the contemporary use of the sled dog in Greenland along with its cultural significance.

The book opens with PREFACE by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, who has first-hand experience with dog sledging in Greenland.


In the INTRODUCTION the background of the research and communication project, QIMMEQ, is presented, along with knowledge on the history of the sled dog in Greenland.


The chapter ARCTIC NOMADS describe a sled building cultural event in Greenland with musher from both Greenland, Canada, Alaska and Russia.


The largest chapter in the book is PRESENT DAY USE OF THE DOG. Here, the position, significance and daily use of the sled dog in Greenland are presented. The traditional use of dog sled for hunting and fishing is portraited in both text and images, along with the more modern use of the dog for tourism and dog sled racing.

In ORIGIN OF THE DOG, the newest research results on the origin of the Greenland Sled Dog is presented along with information on the immigration of the dog to Greenland.


In the chapter THE SLED DOG’S HEALTH, the physiology and health of the Greenland Sled Dog is described from a veterinarian point of view.


The book closes with the EPILOGUE where the future of the dog is discussed along a description of the activities of the QIMMEQ project and REFERENCES with more than 100 references on the Greenland Sled Dog.             


Contents of the book with its main chapters.

Greenland voices

Besides the text conducted by researches with knowledge on the Greenland Sled Dog the book also includes text from local Greenlandic mushers. Throughout the book, sections called Tales from a musher presents interviews with mushers about their relationship with the dogs and the significant cultural importance. The book furthermore contains quotes from dog owners in Greenland.

QIMMEQ MASTER_3layer_FINAL_WEB_40_41.jpg

Example of "Tales from a musher" – interviews with local Greenlandic dog owners

QIMMEQ MASTER_3layer_FINAL_WEB_138_139.j

Example from the book of quotes from local musher – emphasizing the unique bond between man and dogs

The photography

The images in the book represent photos taken in Greenland over a period of more than 10 years. The purpose of the pictures is to show the sled dog as it is used in today's Greenland. Thus, emphasis has been placed on both portraying the dog and showing its function as a working animal, especially in connection with subsistence hunting. At the same time, there are several images in the book, where the dog and dog sled enter the background, and only appears as a small element in the majestic Greenlandic nature. Geographically, the images are distributed in most of the Greenland sledge district, both in East and West Greenland. Below each picture there is discreetly indicated location in Greenland as well as what month the picture was taken.

QIMMEQ MASTER_3layer_FINAL_ENG_46_47.jpg

In an intriguing layout, the images of the book shows the unique bond between man and dog in Greenland.