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Exhibition LIFE AT THE EDGE kicks off tour in Greenland

LIFE AT THE EDGE is a photo exhibition by Carsten Egevang depicting life conditions in Greenland's most isolated city Ittoqqortoormiit. The exhibition contains 28 black / white images take over a 10 - year period in and around Ittoqqortoormiit, where it is scheduled to visit six towns in West Greenland. Greenland tour starts in Maniitsoq d. November 11, and in 2014 the exhibition guests Sisimiut, Qaqortoq, Paamiut, Nuuk and Ilulissat.

"My own background is nature photography, where the animals and birds are the focus. With photo project LIFE AT THE EDGE, I want to introduce Greenland from a new and different angle. Ittoqqortoormiit is characterized by traditional hunting is still the focal point for a large proportion of the population, and just the Greenlandic hunting tradition and the people behind, is what I wanted to document with my camera. ", says Carsten Egevang.

The output of the project is both a book publication (Milik Publishing, Nov . 2012) and a photo exhibition, which has been on display in Copenhagen, Odense and North Jutland, and now are on the way to visit the six towns in West Greenland. Tour schedule for the exhibition look like this: Maniitsoq Municipality Office in November / December, Sisimiut Museum January 2014 Qaqortoq Museum in March 2014, Paamiut Museum May 2014 Katuaq in Nuuk in July 2014 and finally Ilulissat September / October 2014.

"When you, like I do, I follow everything which comes out of Greenland photo wise, you will reash a point where you just can’t cope with another "iceberg in the evening sun", "whale tail" or "lasses in national costumes", which is the most used motifs. My expression in the photo project should be "raw, harsh and exposed" - exactly as I experience daily life of people and nature in Ittoqqortoormiit area . Therefore, I have choices to present the images in the project in black / white. Away with blue sky, white snow, red sunsets and blue icebergs - and into the cloudy weather, snowstorms, blood and cold." continues Carsten.

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