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Carsten Egevang awarded in European Wildlife Photographer of the Year

In the photo competition European Wildlife Photographer of the Year (EWPY) 2010 was a photo of ARC-PIC.COM photographer Carsten Egevang awarded "Highly Commended" in the category "Man and Nature". With nearly 10,000 photos submitted to the 2010 competition, EWPY has, through the latest 10 years, developed into one of the world's largest competitions for nature photographers.

"I'm obviously happy and proud of the location of this year's competition" said Carsten Egevang. "The level of competition is extremely high and it is great to receive this recognition."

"The winning picture was taken during a visit to Scoresbysund in May 2009. It was my last day in town before going to return, and the weather was foggy and not very welcoming to photography. I had slowly resigned myself that I probably would not get more motives in the box on this trip, as the rumor that there was shot a polar bear spread in the city. I was lucky enough to get a ride on the back of a snowmobile in one of the locals, and it was from here managed to get the image of the hunter on his way to the city with the polar bear by dogsled. The proud polar bear prisoners called Marius Madsen, and despite his 23 years, the bear number eleven as Marius claims that during his time as hunter." says Carsten Egevang. "The bear was run into the city, and in less than 1½ hours, the bear was dismembered and the meat distributed, according to old regulations. Despite the slide 30 bears annually in Scoresby, this bear a huge success among young and old in the city, where several had to compare their own with the bear great paw, "continues Carstenhvor flere måtte sammenligne deres egen hånd med bjørnens store lap”, fortsætter Carsten.

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