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Greenlandic: "The ice is no good!"



“Siku ajorpoq” really sums up the effect of climate change in the Arctic! In a single, 2-word sentence, the consequence of a warmer climate for the indigenous people of the high North is stated. 

The photo exhibition Siku ajorpoq presents works of 
Ragnar Axelsson and Carsten Egevang.


Through evocative black and white photography, the audience catches a rare glimpse of the daily existence and living conditions of the inhabitants of the most remote parts of Greenland. An existence with a strong bond with, and dependence from, the surrounding Arctic nature, and where traditional lifestyle centered on hunting still dominates.  


The two photographers manages to draw the attention of the viewer into the harsh and imposing landscapes of Greenland, and unfold the intimate interplay between man and nature. 

The exhibition also shows the meeting between two photographers with a passion for the Arctic. Ragnar Axelsson and Carsten Egevang met for the first time in 2015 to discuss their life-long engagement in Greenland and the love for black and white photography.

Images by Carsten Egevang from the exhibition:

The SIKU-exhibition presents 36 images from Greenland by Ragnar Alexsson and Carsten Egevang, and express their live-long engagement in Greenland and the Arctic.

Outside the Arctic, global climate change is addressed through abstract mathematical models and prophecies of conditions in some distant future.

In Greenland, it is different! Here, climate change is real, present and happening at a rapid pace. The residents both humans and animals, are experiencing fundamental changes in the surrounding environment on a daily basis.

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