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GREENLAND - land of contrasts

GREENLAND - land of contrasts

Embark on a colourful journey to Greenland as award-winning photographer and researcher, Carsten Egevang, presents the country's natural and cultural treasures in stunning photos and informative text. The book is a declaration of love and a visual tribute to a Greenland that few people have the privilege of experiencing.


The book is divided thematically into four main chapters:


In the chapter LANDSCAPE, Greenland's spectacular scenery is presented, where ice in every imaginable form moulds and creates a natural beauty unparalleled in the world.


Take a tour of Greenland's TOWNS & SETTLEMENTS, starting in East Greenland, rounding the country's southernmost point, then heading north along the coast of West Greenland to end up in the world's northernmost settlement in the Thule area.


Carsten Egevang's background as a biologist is evident in the chapter on WILDLIFE, where Greenland's animal species are described, with a special focus on their adaptations to the Arctic climate.


In the CULTURE chapter, the reader gets an insight into Greenland's unique culture, where dog sledding and kayaking are still important elements of a living cultural heritage.

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