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GREENLAND! The name alone evokes the wide open spaces, unspoiled nature and above all ice. Snow and Ice dominates and shapes the landscape of Greenland.

The images on the page is just a small collection of my many images from Greenland - for editorial use or a print - please email me or use the form below! 

DJ5P0317 - Polar Bear, Thule, June
CEEG0108 - Narwhals, Thule, September
CEG_8605 - Scoresbysund, July
CEEG7065 - Ilulissat, May
DJ5P8234 - Ilulissat, September
CEG_2621 - Qeqertarsuaq, April
CEEG9806 - Upernavik, September
CEEG1895 - Arsuk, August
CEG_8872 - Peregrine Falcon, Kangerlussuaq, June
_MG_8334 - Little Auks, Thule, June
panorama_3182_82 - Ilulissat, May
L1060284 - Narsaq, August
L1060214 - Narsaq, August
L1050592 - Saqqaq, June
L1020018 - Thule, Seåtember
IMG_6177 - Gyr Falcon, Thule, August
DJ5P8737 - Little Auks, Thule, June
DJ5P8552 - Ilulissat, September
DJ5P7917 - Walrus, Thule, June
CEEG0267 - Narwhals, Thule, September
DJ5P8146 - Thule, June
DJ5P7611 - Arctic Fox, Ilulissat, September
DJ5P6714- Litte Auk, Thule, June
DJ5P4973 - Black Guillemot, Thule, June
DJ5P5765 - Willow, Thule, June
DJ5P4944 - Black Guillemot, Thule, June
DJ5P3624 - Ilulissat, September
DJ5P2568 - Siorapaluk, June
CEG_9846 - Sea Eagle, Nuuk, March
CEG_9705 - Finwhales, Uummannaq, July
CEG_5086 - Arctic Tern, Daneborg, August
CEG_2732 - Little Auks, Thule, August
CEG_2368 - Ilulissat, September
CEG_1375 - Humpback Whale, Ilulissat, September
CEG_1296 - Little Auks, Savissivik, July
CEG_0707 - Muskoxen, Kangerlussuaq, March
CEEG9629 - Thule, September
CEEG9511 - Scoresbysund, April
CEEG9382 - Thule, September
CEEG8108 - Ilulissat, May
CEEG7854 - Ilulissat, June
CEEG7563 - Ilulissat, May
CEEG5345 - Scoresbysund, August
IMG_3253 - Scoresbysund, May
CEEG6344 - Scoresbysund, April
CEEG2116 Uummannaq, April
CEEG5066 - Saqqaq, June
CEEG5014 - Saqqaq, June
CEEG4385 - Polar Hare, Thule, April
CEEG1887 - Arsuk, August
CEEG1719 - Scoresbysund, July
CEEG0561 - Scoresbysund, July
1S6O7389 - Walrus, Daneborg, July
1S6O3965 - Common Eider, dabeborg, June
_MG_8358 - Walrus with calf, Thule, June
_MG_7573 _ Ilulissat, September
CEEG3482 - Uummannaq, April
CEG_9303 - Scoresbysund, May
L1120482 - Uummannaq, April
CEEG5832 - Thule, May
L1100344 - Humpback whale, Tasiilaq,July
CEEG6993 - Ilulissat, May
DJ5P3579 - Ilulissat, September
L1110519 - Scoresbysund, July
CEG_8851 - Disko Bay, July
IMG_4192 - Ilulissat Icefjord, September
CEEG5906 - Thule, May
L1100521 _ Uummannaq, April
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