My first layout assignment

Today, the coffee-table book THE ICE-FREE GREENLAND was published. The book is a result of cooperation with Professor Bo Elberling, University of Copenhagen. It is my first assignment where I was in charge of the layout.

The ice-free Greenland - from molecules to landscape is a tribute to Greenland. The book is a tale of the ice-free landscape with a focus on how the bio- and geosciences in recent years have provided new, fascinating and surprising knowledge. The interactions between the climate and the Greenlandic nature are explored with an emphasis on the soil, microorganisms and plants. Bo Elberling, director of the Center for Permafrost (CENPERM), tells in words and pictures about the new knowledge. The ice-free Greenland - from molecules to landscape also communicates new results about the permafrost and landscape stability, the plants’ contribution to the greenhouse gas budget, the preservation conditions of the country’s cultural heritage, the possible expansion of agriculture and more.

Se more here!

Click on the book to view the introduction and the first chapter.

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