Talk in Ilulissat

On September 2 the photo exhibition LIFE AT THE EDGE opens at Ilulissat Art Museum, and under the opening Carsten Egevang will be present and perform a talk about his work.

LIFE AT THE EDGE is a unique photo book about life in and around Scoresby - one of Greenland's most isolated towns. The photographer and biologist Carsten Egevang invite, through the black/white photos of a high international standard, the reader an insight into a world that few have the opportunity to experience. LIFE AT THE EDGE is both a book publication and a photo exhibition as guests Greenland in 2014/2015.

The inhabitants of Scoresby live truly a life on the edge. The city represents the edge of where to find human habitation in the sparsely populated eastern Greenland. Nearest inhabited area are 800 km to the south and north of Scoresby start the world's largest national park. The inhabitants of the isolated Scoresby lives while on the edge of livelihood. Supplies from the outside world to the city is extremely sparse, and traditional fishing constitute here a greater role than most other places in Greenland.

Carsten Egevang is Greenland Photographer and author of the acclaimed book Greenland - the animals and the land of the people (2011). Carsten Egevang has received several locations in the international photographic competitions, and is the recipient of the government of Greenland Environmental and Natural Price and appointed the Year Nature Photographer in Denmark 2011.

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