New masterpiece of a book ... THULE

Nearly 500 pages that covers the most mythical area in Greenland, THULE. The book is a proper whopper in large format (24x27 cm) with very thorough text of one of Denmark's leading anthropologists, Professor Kirsten Hastrup - the author of the critically acclaimed " Winter's Heart ", president of the Academy of Sciences and recipient of Ebbe Munck Award.

The book is richly illustrated with 130 photos of mine - photos from Thule area - all taken in the period 2011-2015. The result is a layout in terms of quality product where text and photos in cohesion is a true masterpiece, which will consist of many decades forward.

The publisher writes: "A great and beautiful book that the text and images provide a vivid portrait of Thule through eight chapters: The place. The people. Isen. The catch. Technology. The colony. Invasion. Time.

Over eight years, the anthropologist Kirsten Hastrup regularly visited Thule to understand the world as it looks away. Meetings and conversations with the people who live there, has been supplemented by the reading of the long and rich history. The result is this portrait of Thule as a community with deep roots, which is currently facing severe challenges. The book's title refers to Thule in these years are exposed to massive changes.

The ice is melting, the permafrost thaws, plant and animal life is changing, and along with it change society itself, of course. The prisoners have ever harder to reach the large mammals that have been their livelihood for more than four thousand years, and the animals also behave differently. But there are not many alternatives to fishing in the high Arctic. Nature's new whims perceived as a real threat to prisoners life. " The book is published by Lindhardt & Ringhof, and can be purchased in most book stores and on various websites.

A sneak peek on the book can be seen here!


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