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In the summer of 2013 I had the opportunity to participate in field work in the largest polynya in the Arctic, The North Water. The aim was to equip walrus and narwhal with satellite transmitters, as well as to perform observations of birds at the ice edge. Here is a small film with pictures from the field work.



In March/April 2012 Greenland Photographer Carsten Egevang visited Ittoqqortoormiit region in Northeast Greenland. The goal, in addition to document traditional Greenlandic hunting tradition, to decorate a remote hunting cabin with a series of photos.


"I think even the idea of ​​decorating a complete scraped and isolated hunting cabin, far away from all the things that were fun and different. I put a note up in the city Scoresby 35 km. south of the hut, with information that there was "private view" - but had my doubts about...

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