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Today, the coffee-table book THE ICE-FREE GREENLAND was published. The book is a result of cooperation with Professor Bo Elberling, University of Copenhagen. It is my first assignment where I was in charge of the layout.


The ice-free Greenland - from molecules to landscape is a tribute to Greenland. The book is a tale of the ice-free landscape with a focus on how the bio- and geosciences in recent years have provided new, fascinating and surprising knowledge. The interactions between the climate and the Greenlandic nature...



Each year the best magazine designs are found in Denmark by the MDID (Magasindesignere i Danmark). This years “Travel Feature of the Year” is “I Ittoqqortoormiit spiser man bjørne” (In Ittoqqortoormiit you eat bears) with text and images by Carsten Egevang, layout by Kathinka Bukh.

See the article here!


In the latest issue of Scandinavia's best photo magazine Nature and Photo I have an 8 - page article with photos from the picture COLONY . The article can be foundHERE!


There are photo magazines - and then there are photo magazines … Camera Natura is a Swedish high-quality magazine that prioritizes Nordic nature photography. Camera Natura oozes good taste and room quality, and the magazine has been called the " world's most beautiful photo magazine”, and been nominated for several design awards.


It has always been my dream to get an article published in Camera Natura - here I really feel that the images comes into its own! In the last issue of the CN, I have a 10-page article "THE RAW AND H...



Nearly 500 pages that covers the most mythical area in Greenland, THULE. The book is a proper whopper in large format (24x27 cm) with very thorough text of one of Denmark's leading anthropologists, Professor Kirsten Hastrup - the author of the critically acclaimed " Winter's Heart ", president of the Academy of Sciences and recipient of Ebbe Munck Award.


The book is richly illustrated with 130 photos of mine - photos from Thule area - all taken in the period 2011-2015. The result is a layout in terms of quality product wher...




In the summer of 2014 I participated in the field work in the Thule area in northern Greenland. Our base camp was on Saunders Island, which contains Greenland's largest colony of thick-billed murre, which simultaneously was the nature our biological work was concentrated around. The summer of 2014 was marked by historically bad weather - it was as if summer never really got started in northern Greenland. Periods of stormy weather were followed by periods of rain, which again went down in stormy weather. The day...


On September 2 the photo exhibition LIFE AT THE EDGE opens at Ilulissat Art Museum, and under the opening Carsten Egevang will be present and perform a talk about his work.


LIFE AT THE EDGE is a unique photo book about life in and around Scoresby - one of Greenland's most isolated towns. The photographer and biologist Carsten Egevang invite, through the black/white photos of a high international standard, the reader an insight into a world that few have the opportunity to experience. LIFE AT THE EDGE is both a book publicati...

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